Where's The File?? - was Small DCC Layout, First Time Wiring for DCC


Your JPG file is in the Files Section of the Group.  I saw it last night & again at 1009 hrs CDT this morning.  The list of items in the Files Section appears to show flowers first, then scrolling farther down, you come to individual files.  Since the overall list is not organized by latest file at top of list, or alphabetically, I resorted to scrolling thru looking for your E-mail address. Yours being a longer address, I soon found your file & opened it.

Bob Hultman in Brentwood TN

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I think I have uploaded the image to "Files" but I don't see it there. Maybe it needs to be approved first? Anyway, it's titled something like "Shelf Layout Based On Hemyock Terminus." 

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