Walthers Turntable Intermittent Short

Wayne Miller

I have a walthers cornerstone 110' turntable (933-2851) that works okay except when it passes thru 270 degree position. When it goes thru 270 degree in either direction a short circuit is generated but the bridge continues to turn and the short circuit indication will stop after a few seconds. Power is from a PSX breaker and I have tried changing the short circuit delay on the PSX but to no avail. According to the turntable description a reverser was not needed. Does anyone have experience with this turntable and encountered this problem?


I have this turntable and the turntable is designed to reverse polarity at a certain point when turning. I also have PSX breakers but power the turntable independently to avoid issues.

I connected a variable power supply from Adafruit.com(https://www.adafruit.com/product/5130),


One thing you might want to check:  if either bridge rail touches a rail on one of the access tracks as it swings, that could create a short at the same place.  I would check both rails and both ends of the turntable, and watch these carefully as the bridge rotates to see if they are creating your intermittent short.  It could be either a bridge rail or one of the approach-track rails that is out of alignment and sticking out too far.

-- Steve