TCS FL4 Function only Decoder into Kato TGV Lyria


Hi All,
I wasn't sure where to post this question but I thought I try here as well. It would seem to cover the question I am asking.
I have a Kato TGV Lyria which I would like to install a spare TCS FL4 decoder. I have already installed a ESU decoder in the front drive unit via the integrated NEM651 socket. It works perfectly. The rear unit is not a drive unit but has an NEM651 socket so that a decoder can be installed to control the rear lights. The light output is different for forward and reverse.
I have written to TCS and they have given me some generic information about NEM651 connectors and their pinouts but have not given me the actual wire colour connections I need to make. I have tried what I thought would work based on the info TCS gave me but it doesn't. I get some strange light responses when I test it on my ESU decoder tester but when plugged into NEM651 plug on the car nothing happens.
I currently have the FL4 connected to the NEM651 plug the following way.
Pin 1 and Pin 2..................not connected. No need for a motor connection??
Pin 3 and Pin 4..................connected to red and black wires. Rail left and right.
Pin 5 and Pin 6..................connected to green and purple wires. Two of the four light output wires.
If anybody has any suggestions it would be appreciated. It is obviously an issue with the wire connections for the FL4. Maybe somebody has some experience with this decoder?