Switch 8 MK2 and Button Board

Tom Grassi

Hello All,

Been having a problem setting up an NCE Switch 8 MK2 using a Button Board.

I have two SWITCH 8 MK2  both have a button board connected.  One works great push the button the track switches use the power cab and the track switches.  That Switch 8 MK2 happens to be an older version than my second one.
Both were purchased with the last six months.  The new version has an additional terminal with three screws for a relay board .  My original Switch 8 MK2 does not have this. NCE support claims that there is no software difference between the two I found that hard to believe since there is a physical difference in the board.

Both boards are wired the same and are connected to the same buss line 

I have 4 buss lines on my layout each are a district which I use NCE EB1 

Switches are controlled by Tortoise machines are and located in all 4 districts.

I watched several videos on how to hook this up and they all have different ways.  

I am using DCC only on them and not sure why the one works and the other does not work.

Any one out there have any suggestions.

Thank you


Tom Grassi


Hi Tom,

I noticed the extra set of contacts on the Switch8-MkII.  I had initially wired it up wrong when using the Button Board.  Once I realized my mistake, I was fine.  Here is what I wrote about it on my website:


Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

Tom Grassi


thanks for the reply.

Yes I know about the extra terminals on the newer version of the Switch 8 MK2

I have had 3 Switch 8 MK2 already and not one of them worked with the button board.  As I said in my first posting the old style switch 8 mk2 works great with button board.

I have been working with Larry the DCCguy  and he has his switch 8 mk2 working fine with just using DC power  but he did say he received a bad batch of Switch 8 MK2 that did not not work.

I am sending my Switch 8 MK2 and Button Board to NCE with the wire I used and button see if they can get it to work.

I have one more Switch 8 MK2 I will place on the layout to be able to switch the tortoise motors using my power cab.   I have the NCE USB board on order so I can connect with my Laptop soon.

I like to push buttons they are nearby and makes it easier than going thru the levels on the power cab I know once the assy is select I can double click on it to toggle the switch.  but when you have many switches the panel board is easier
With that said I need the Switch 8 MK2 new version to work with the ButtonBoard


Tom Grassi