rRCirkits Installation Examples


Does anyone have any pics of an installation of RRCirkits components, particularly the Watchman and detection coils?  I’m interested to see how people mounted them and how they connected the coils to wire. 


Steve Black

Hi, I use a solderable breadboard printed circuit board, buy in different sizes, the coils wire leads fit into the PCB board holes, strip a cat5 cable end back to expose the 8 wires and solder each wire to a copper run from a coil wire. Saves a mess of stuff.
drill 4 holes in wood to match mounting holes of PCB, use nylon 2.5 mm standoffs just screw standoffs into wood to mount.

Steve Black


Hi Steve; (hmm..two Steves)

I put a picture of a couple of CT coils in the Photos section here: https://groups.io/g/w4dccqa/photo/248645/0?p=Created,,,20,2,0,0

The coils are wrapped in black tape. Sorry about the fuzziness, but this is cropped from a larger picture. The wire to the track goes through the hole in the CT coil. So does the twisted pair, but just to serve as a strain relief. The twisted pair is soldered to the leads and goes back to connect to the Watchman (or the BOD8 or BOD4, they're all the same). I strip the twisted pair from a piece of CAT5 cable.

I prefer to decentralize these and have them at the wiring on the layout rather than bringing the wires to a central point.

Sorry about the edit. This picture: https://groups.io/g/w4dccqa/photo/248645/0?p=Created,,,20,2,0,0 is a pull-down panel with, from left to right, an SSB adapter, two SMD8s, two Watchmen, and, off of the panel because I added it later, a Towerman. Lot's of stuff here because this was for the yard throat on a 12 track staging yard. You can see the twisted pairs on the Watchmen. This uses the track that RR-CirKits sells.

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC

Daniel Brewer

I plug my CT Coils into Striveday Spring Connectors, wire out the other side. Mounts with screw hole in the center of the connector.



Thanks Tim - appreciate it.