Reverse Loop Within a Reverse Loop

Tom Grassi

Hello All,

I have one feeder for both loops 

Each Loop  has a TAM Valley Dual Frog Juicer setup as a Auto reverser.

The reverse loops are working fine.

My question is 

On my one reverse loop  I have a turnout that comes from a siding that is not in the loop.

When  a train enters the siding from the loop all works 

Then problem is when the train leaves the siding I get a short.  So I have a polarity problem.

Is it possible to wire this so I can have the polarity changed  from the siding?

The siding is it own block and has one feeder and is isolated at both ends with insulator joiners on both rails.

If you need more detail let me know.


Tom Grassi

Working on my Layout I have two large reverse loops 
Tom Grassi

Allan AE2V


You used the word siding.  Does it go anywhere else?  If not, you can probably feed the siding from the same auto reverser (Tam Valley reverses) that powers the loop.  

Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

Dave Hamernik


Thanks Dave.  I will look it up tomorrow!