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Configuration variable CV 7 contains the version number of the decoder.
  In Europe some manufacturers give additional information in another variable.
Have a good day in digital.
Excerpt from the SoundTraxx manual.
“Primary CVs
Tsunami2 Diesel Technical Reference 12
CV 7: Manufacturer Version (Read-Only)
CV 7 contains the 8-bit software version identifier. CV 7 is read-only and cannot be modified”
La variable de configuration CV 7 contient le numéro de la version du décodeur.
 En Europe certains fabricants donnent un complément d’information dans une autre variable.
Bonne journée en numérique.
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Help identifying decoder

Help identifying decoder
From: Nick Ostrosky
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 15:15:56 PST

This isn't strictly a wiring question but I'm hoping for some help/direction.  I have a Stewart Hobbies F7 equipped with a Soundtraxx decoder.  Being new to JMRI I am trying to add it to my roster but I don't know the specific model of the decoder.  What I do know:

  • The board itself says Sountraxx (no other identifying marks I can see).
  • A card in the box says Tsunami EMD 567
  • My NCE cab says it's manufacturer 141, version 064 which I can't find in any Soundtraxx on-line documentation (including the OEM section for Bowser/Stewart). 

The JMRI "read decoder" brings it back as something completely different than Soundtraxx.  I have a photo but don't seem to have the permissions necessary to upload it here.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Re: Help identifying decoder
From: redking56@...
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 15:27:02 PST

The NMRA Manufacturer ID list shows 141 as "Throttle-Up (Soundtraxx)".


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