Question about turnouts and DCC from a nube

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After taking in all the advise from my friends about rewiring the layout, I gathered the materials needed, and started to work on the layout. I have all of the feeders in place on the first block. I tested all the sections of track, and the new feeders. Everything is working well. However I did run into issues with the turnouts shorting out. So here goes.

1. I do not know the brand of the turnouts.

2. The turnouts are soldered with the track, they are not gapped, thus the power is feed through the track.

3. I did not add any new feeders to the turnouts.

4. The short occurs when the point is is turned in the direction shown in the picture. (please note I am testing this with power being fed from the track which appears on the top).

I want to mention that I am willing to gap the turnouts, and add feeders to it. I also have a hexfrog juicer that can help me with switching the polarity of the frog. But Ill be honest, I am not sure on how to wire it.

Any insights would be appreciated.



Hello Carl,
Welcome to the wonderful world of "turnouts." The best information is at Allan's site:
Also take a look at:


I assume you will still have questions so post them and you will get help.

As always, be in good health and do good work.

-Michael Boyle


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A switch that shorts in one direction points to the center rails needing to be gapped. Cut gaps just after the center diverging rails and fill them with styrene or pull up your track and install insulated joiners. Insulated joiners have a little plastic spacer that keeps the rails from moving together. (Every Spring I have to go find a rail that moved on the club layout, causing a short in one direction. I think I've got them all now...but we'll see.)

Adding feeders and gaps now is the easiest time to do it. If you wait, the track will oxidize and you'll have to clean the rail before soldering to ensure a good connection.


PennsyNut <pennsynut@...>

What I did when needing to insert gaps. And with track already laid. Using a Dremel tool with a very thin cutting wheel. Cut the gap "exactly where you want it." I then took a toothpick, Put it in the gap. Cut it with anything sharp. Xacto knife, nippers, etc. File what you need to. Place a drop of super glue and let it soak into the wood. Wait till dry. May need a little more filing or trimming. Paint if you wish. In fact, painting the sides of rails is a nice way to make track look better.  Morgan Bilbo, about one year with very basic DCC