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My track is brass and for years the car wheels have collected a "brassy" crud on the running surface that has to be scraped off periodically. The crud can get thick enough to increase derailing. Does the graphite you use build up?
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Brass track and DCC don't mix too well. And I know many have disagreed with me about acetone. But it cleans better than alcohol. Just be super careful you don't get it on the ties. Wipe the rail tops and inside edges carefully. Dries almost immediately. Then wipe the graphite about 3", leave a 6" space and repeat. Then, take a car or two and roll them to spread the graphite. That should get you "up and running". After that, the graphite can be applied again after a few operations. Not more than once a week. That is what I do with nickel silver. Yes, acetone can melt plastic. But used sparingly on brass rail will be OK. So, for the rest of you, please don't keep jumping on me about acetone. It's what I use with PECO track and have no problem - because I keep it off the ties. It's called "careful". And with DCC is my way of keeping the trains running.
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