Older Shinohara Turnouts

Brian Eiland

Hi George Galyon,
You seem to be a rather expert on these Shinohara crossovers, so I thought I would double check with you.

I have 2 older style DOUBLE crossovers, and 4 older style SINGLE crossovers,....all of them have the 'double crossbar features'.

I had sought to utilize one of the DOUBLES at a particular spot on my layout,...and I had read your excellent PDF on Allan's DCC site about making this turnout work in DCC mode WITHOUT significant modifications.

I have now found that I have room to install 2 in-line SINGLE crossovers instead of the DOUBLE. I believe it would be safer/less troublesome down the road if I utilized this 'singles' configuration rather than the 'double'?

Are there modifications needed on these singles to use in DCC?...or modifications that might be recommended??

Regards, Brian