For Humidity Issues in N Scale ? = Kato's Expansion Track?

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

I am wondering if anyone else has considered or at best tried Kato's 3-4.5" Expansion Track where Humidity might be an issue?
I know that Kato Unitrack can float upon a well planed/finished surface.
And actually, i had returned to the Hobby for many years before I was even made aware of such expanding track.
Instead...of even tempting to use it.
I have been razor/file cutting other specific needed cuts.
Though a few of these Kato Expansion Pieces showed up in a large-used Tote buy...I for now do not  plan on using them.
Well much to my chagrin...i am actually tightening up tolerances all across the board on all  of my N Scale Equipment, from Track to Bridges and the Locomotives in between.
Here is an example of what I have also witnessed.
Instead...I for now believe the expansion in between Kato Unitrack (unsoldered) every few feet should be compensation enough for my environment in Northern California in a well insulated room.