Flexible reverse loop control

Earl T. Hackett <hackete1@...>

I was asked to post this document on another list, but it seems it is
appropriate for this list as well. It is another method for handling
reverse loop polarity problems in a reasonably short length of
track. It has no restrictions on wheel pickup (I have lots of old
brass locos), no restrictions on train length (only a minor
restriction if you have pushers working the end of the train), can be
used where conditional reversing is a possibility (such as where a
crossover sends a train into a section with opposite phase), and can
be used to prevent rear end collisions in hidden storage areas (which
is why I developed it). In most cases it can be implimented in about
10 feet of track.

If there is enough interest, I can arrange for proper circuit boards
to be produced. Here's a guess at the cost:

Detector components: $5 each, $20 total
Logic and Output components: $10
Relay and socket: $7
Connectors: $3
Circuit Boards: $25 (but this is a real WAG)