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Are you still adamant about wiring DS44 with a separate booster. Would a separate division using a circuit breaker such as the PS1 from TTE do the trick. And what about working it with an SRC8 . Thanks, Elliott

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Adamant? No. As always, it's your railroad.

The reason for a separate booster driving your turnouts is that if a
short occurs while the turnout is being thrown, then the turnout
controller will stop moving the points. You will then be stuck with
the short. If you use a separate booster, your track will short, but
the controller will keep moving the points. If the movement of the
points caused the short, the expectation is that the short will clear
as the points move.

If you want to avoid a separate booster, you can use an electronic
circuit breaker (a PM42 or equivelent) GOING TO THE TRACK. That way,
the PM42 briefly shuts down the track, but the booster keeps the
turnouts operating.