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Greg Harter

I have a DCC F7 that is hooked up to a small camera centered in the lower headlight.  Years ago I eliminated the 9V battery by using power from the DCC rails.

The unit no longer works beyond 3 feet or so!  Supplier no longer in business.  Are there any cameras now available that can be placed in the nose of an F7?  Only ones I've seen are exposed on flatcars, etc.

If I shouldn't talk about this on this website let me know.


Greg Harter

Jim Betz

  I don't know about you - but I only want to be running with a camera 'once in a
while' ... not all the time.  So the 'camera in the gondola' works for me.  And the
quality of the images is far superior to the ones that go in the headlight.
                                                - Jim in the PNW