DCC Shuttle/reversing units.

Brian Lewis

I have a 23 foot long running in/test track. It is currently running in DC, controlled by a DC shuttle unit. After building, cleaning or repair, my locos were put on this and run until everything was as it should be. It never gets used now, as all my locos have been converted to DCC. So I have been exploring the idea of converting it to DCC running.

And here is the problem.  With DC, the unit will cheerfully accommodate any loco that is put on its tracks. But the DCC shuttles I have looked at, require reprogramming of the loco decoder. They seem to ignore the Extended Address and recognise only the Primary Address.  In practice, this means that in order to utilise these units you have to reprogram the loco each time so as to make the Primary Address the Active Address. This is impractical and you really cannot be expected  to undertake this task every time they want a particular loco to run under the control of a unit. What is required is a unit that recognises the Extended Address and is capable of operating any loco that has an Extended Address of 1-9999.

Now being in the UK, there are probably makes of units of which I have not heard. So does such a unit exist? Or is there some other way solve this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards and thanks


Brian Lewis