DCC <- DPDT -> DC layout explanation

David <frazeedg@...>

Thanks for the responses. Maybe a litle explanation of the layout
might help.

One outside loop isolated from the inner loop using insulators.

One inside loop isolated from the outside loop and the yards, etc.
using insulators.

I only have one DCC engine which would run on the outside loop, but I
would like to be able to move it into the engine house in the center
of the layout accomplished by isolating the DC engines and using the
DPDT switches.

This way I have control over which areas of the layout are DC versus
DCC. Someday I plan that all my engines will be DCC, but until
then ...

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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and have a coup-le of questions which I will
submit serparately.

Is it possible to bring the DCC track leads to one side of a DPDT
switch and DC to teh other side so that if friends come over to run
bring their DC engines they can run with the flip of a few switches?