Circuit Breakers & BDL168

Robert Wilson

Hi - I will have two sub-districts that will each need circuit breaker protection.  I'm considering either getting one Digitrax PM42 or two DCC Specialties PSX circuit breakers.  Will the PSX circuit breakers work with a Digitrax BDL168 if I later decide to add that for occupancy detection?  If the answer is yes, I'm assuming I would wire one of the PSX breakers to "zone a" and the other PSX breaker to "zone b" of the BDL?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Don Vollrath

It can be done. Google pm42 and bdl168 wiring. You can substitute psx breakers instead of the pm42. Just be sure to put the breakers between the booster and Occupancy sensors, not directly to the track feeds. (All electronic breakers draw a small amount of operating power that can and will be detected as track occupancy)