Circuit Breaker Placement

Bob Gifford

Hey Gang!  I've searched through the archives here and found a couple of posts from long ago that skirted around my question but no smoking gun of an answer.  I'm building a reasonably large HO scale layout which will be using the NCE Power Pro(s) for two booster districts and PSX circuit breakers for the power districts.  The boosters will be somewhat centrally co-located on the layout with the longest run to a power district being ~ 30'-40'.  The power bus will be AWG12 with AWG16 for the sub-bus in each district.  From a best practices viewpoint, should the breakers be located near the boosters or should they be more distributed so they reside closer to the district that each will control?  Thanks for your thoughts.

Bob Gifford


Hi Bob,

You can do either as long as your wiring is heavy enough and the circuit breaker reliably passes the quarter test at all points.  From a practical standpoint, you might like having your circuit breaker closer to the district they control so that you can see its indicator light.

You might want to look at the NCE EB1 circuit breaker.  It is a little smaller than the PSX.  Both the EB1 and PSX have indicator lights on them and provide for an external indicator.  If you went with the external indicator, you could centrally located your circuit breaker and run the external indicator closer to the district they control.

Allan Gartner
Wiring For DCC

Bob Gifford

Appreciate the input Allan.  Thanks!