Bowser F7 conversion

Nick Ostrosky

Hello again, I just added a Soundtraxx MC2H104OP decoder to an older Bowser F7 that had an 8-pin DCC socket, only to realize there is no provision for sound (as far as I can tell).  So that I'm not compounding the error, how do I go about adding sound, either with the current decoder or with something different? As always, thank you for your input in advance.

rg <richg_1998@...>

Simply go to the SoundTraxx site and look at the decoder selector siie for the Bowser locos. The speaker and baffle are are suggested also.
Put that decoder aside.


Failure is not an option. it comes bundled with Windows.


Nick Ostrosky

Thank you, I suspected I made a mistake in choosing  based on the 8-pin only.

rg <richg_1998@...>

Yes. You should have at least looked at the SoundTraxx site for ALL the decoder possibilities.

LokSound, TCs have excellent sound decoders also.
If you are new to DCC, decoders come as lightboard or plug in for sound. I have done both.
There are a number of different ways of doing decoder installs. Different types of pins also.
TCS has some WOW decoder installs for Bowsers but not your model.
You could Google bowser f7 loksound install and get hits or bowser f7 tcs wow install.