Atlas Code 80 Turnouts

Bob Smith <bobcindy.johndeere@...>

I have checked out the Code 80 switches to the diagrams on your website
and they apppear to be just like the one in the first diagram.
So if I'm understanding the diagram right I believe these switches meet
the requirements to be DCC friendly.
I do have a question about the diagram though, refering to the "Power
Routing Switch Mechanically connected to the frog" Is this refering to
the switch machine solenoid? Hey I told you I new to this?
Thank again

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>

The switch shown on my diagrams which are linked to the turnout's
throwbar, may be part of a switch machine solenoid. This is true on
NJ International solenoids which have three such switches on their
mechanism. Tortoise has two of them.