Aristo Dash 9 DCC



I put in the AirWire adapta board, G3 Decoder and Phoenix P8 sound in my Aristo Dash 9..  I wired everything according to specifications for the Adapta Board, G3 and  Phoenix P8 Sound Board, including removing the power pickup leads to the motors as I am strictly using battery power.  I left the on board switches in place, hoping that all I needed to do was make sure that the switches were left in the appropriate positions: 

Battery/Track Power  "battery" position
Smoke "on"
Lights "on"
Motor "on"

The G3 decoder is not talking to the remote throttle, even with initial power up, the green light is steady with them G3, but the red light does not come on, which should happen even before it is programmed, as it knows the throttle found the decoder, even before programming.  I than programmed the address and frequency, still nothing. 

I read a procedure from a fellow with the Ottawa Garden Railroad Society in Canada.  With the exception of him using Aristo sound and DCC, the install was very similar. This guy did do a step I have not done that maybe might have some effect but not sure.  I will enclose the link to the page.  
Look at "REMOVING THE MU CONNECTORS"  I did not think this made much sense to do as the DPDT on board switches would just stay in the "on" position, with the exception Battery/Track Power switch, left in "battery" position. Do I need to do this step so when the MU connectors are plugged back into the main factory circuit board, thing their is not recunant power coming from somewhere else as indicated in the article? And am I doing anything else wrong?  
I would appreciate any referral or to pass this on, including my email address.