identification of ? decoder

Allan AE2V

Hi Greg,

There is a DCC company called CVP products, (  You might want to contact CVP.

But before you do, the easy thing to try is resetting the decoder.  Put the loco on a programming track and set CV8=8.  If this works, the locomotive will now be on address 3.  Then you will be able to set it up.  Note, some systems like NCE, act differently if you enter a leading zero or not.  So if in doubt, try it without and then with a leading zero.  

If that fails, contact CVP.

Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

Greg Harter

A friend of mine bought a loco at a swap meet that looks like it has a decoder, but I can't wake it up.  There is only one identifying mark on it--'CVP'.  Can anybody help identify?

Greg Harter