NCE Switch-Kat address programming

Lawrence Varady

I'm hoping someone uses the NCE Switch Kat to control Kato Turnouts and can help me.

I have a Kato track system using an NCE Power Cab and 16 NCE Switch Kats.
When I just used the Power Cab system, I arbitrarily addressed my 16 turnouts as 100-117.

In JMRI the System Name for my 16 turnouts are NT1-NT16.
The NCE AIU-01s are used for turnout state feedback. They are set to Cab Address 4 and 9.
Sensor System Names (per AIU formula) for NT1-14 is NS48-61 and for NT15 & 16 is NS135 & 136.
My question is what address do I program into the SKs when using JMRI?


Andy - Arlington TX <andy.j1s@...>

AFAIK, you don't "program" the Switch Kat's address via a normal DCC programming operation.

IIRC, there is a jumper on the Switch Kat, that if you short it, then send a switch command to the desired address you wish to use for that Switch Kat, and then disconnect the jumper short, the Switch Kat will remember that address as its own. 

The Switch Kat instructions describe the address-assignment operation.

-- Andy - Arlington TX