Peco Crossover


I rebuilt one of my single crossovers using peco unifrog turnouts.  The switch machine is a tortise and the controller is a digitrax ds 64.  After installing the cross over, I test ran several locos.  The cross over is a right hand cross over going from mainline 1 to mainline 2 of a double track mainline.  Locos run through the turnout on main 1 and also cross over from 1 to 2.  However I have a short on mainline 2 when trying to run straight through.  After working on the issue for some time, I found the frog matches polarity with the diverging route (cross over), but does not match polarity on the straight through run.  I have swap the leads to the tortise-pins 2& 3 but get the same results.  I am also using snaps as a wiring harness to the tortise.  Somewhere the frog is only matching polarity to the opposite rail on the straight through route.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should try to do to correct the issue?

Thanks in advance

Allan AE2V

Since you said that you swapped the wires to the Tortoise 2 and 3 pins and you got the same result tells me that something is wired wrong.  You can troubleshooting with your DCC power, but it might be easier to disconnect your booster and hook up a digital multimeter set to ohms.  Hook one end to a rail and the other end to your frog.  As you switch your Tortoise, you should expect to get zero ohms as appropriate for the alignment of your points.

Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

Bryan Marino

I had a similar problem with a unifrog turnout, found the frog wire was touching one of the feed wires under it. Should have insulated the frog wire before installing it.