LiftGate Reverse Section #file-notice



I hate to ask another reverse loop question, but before I lay all the track and do the wiring, I want to verify that I have it right. A schematic of my proposed layout has been uploaded to the files section as “20210323 Rehab.pdf”.  If the experts could take a look and comment, I would very much appreciate it.

Some background: The original layout was a folded dog-bone with the reverse section between the upper and lower wyes. Command station is a DB150 and auto-reverse via an AR-1. A recent addition, the section on the right (Engine Terminal & Staging deck), is connected to Loconet, but separately powered via a DCS51 configured as a booster and double gapped at entrance and exit.

I intend to replace the AR-1 with a PSX-ARSC and add another PSX-ARSC and configure the CVs to set one as primary and the other as secondary. My intent is to set the reverse section as the track from the upper wye through the liftgate through the double crossover, and including the leg down to the lower level.

While I haven’t scoped out the detail for the industrial areas, I anticipate that they will all be one-way in.

I appreciate any comments.


Paul Jara