Lack of speed


Hello all;

First post...

I have fitted a TCS M1 decoder to a DC N scale KATO 10-173 651 Series “Super Hitachi” 


The train ran really well as a DC unit.


I only connected the red and black (track) and orange and grey (motor) wires.


I have an NCE Power Cab DCC system and the decoder is detected on the programming track.    It allows me to change the loco number, CVs etc.   Because of the internal lighting in the train the NCE detects a short when the whole train is on the programming track but it still allows programming.   When just the motor carriage is on the programming track there are no problems.


My problem is the speed that the train is running at.   As a DC unit it used to fly to the point that at full throttle it wouldn’t make the curves.   As a DCC unit it barely makes half of the speed it used to.


I timed the motor carriage only around a 7.6 meter loop and at 50% throttle it took 13.2 seconds.   At 100% it took 13 seconds.   In other words, virtually the same.


I set CV2 to 50, CV6 to 128, CV5 to 255 (from the factory defaults of 000) and it made no difference.


Am I missing something or are there other CVs to change to get a better performance?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.