Purpose of this Q&A Forum



Please be mindful of the purpose of this QUESTION and ANSWER Forum.  This is not a chatty group.  I've had to delete several threads and mute topics in the past few weeks.  Please be respectful of people who come here to get their questions answered.

Thank you

Allan Gartner
Wiring For DCC

Ric Zimmerman <zimmermane@...>

Thank you, Allan!

Jerry Michels

Allan,  Can you give a bit more direction here?  Are we to only ask and answer, but carry on no social interactions?  Of course I have not seen what you terminated, but am curious to get the gist so I keep my posts in line

Jerry Michels

Socialism is slavery!


I try to give some latitude in the discussions.  Sometimes we have a lot of good dialogue on ways to approach a problem which may have multiple solutions.


Each person should ask themselves, does a response pertain to DCC?  Ideally, it should pertain to the initial question asked, but as long as it pertains to DCC, that is okay.


When responses get off “in the weeds”, people start quitting the Q&A Forum. 


When responses have nothing to do with DCC, they should be taken to other chat groups or Facebook.


Thank you


Allan Gartner 



PennsyNut <pennsynut@...>

I heartily agree. And sincerely hope I don't violate this rule. When responding to a question, I try to put myself in that person's place and answer what I think he/she needs to know. This is a great forum and thanks to Allan for having it here. Since I first started reading it, I realized it is a great help to beginner and others too.
So to keep this sane, I strongly suggest we K.I.S.S.
Thanks again to Allan Gartner.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC