Reverse Loop Gaps and Power Booster for my layout question

Ian Cole

Greetings all!  I just finished the the benchwork and beginning the track laying and wiring on my new layout.  HO Scale, using NCE DCC (PH-PRO 5AMP).  In the photo linked I've marked with red lines where I feel I need to put in gaps and ARUs to avoid shorts.  Do these look like the best spots?  Also, would I be better served isolating the whole yard/turntable area and putting in a power booster?  For reference, bottom table is 21', right table 13', top table 14'.
Link to the photo of my layout:
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Don Vollrath

Ian, The location of red both-rail gaps is good to isolate the main area of train reversals. You will need a single AR controller to control those rails.It does have 5 entrance/exit points which can lead to interference if you have more than one operator using that area. But the track plan almost prohibits that except for loco only or short train moves.
You will need some type of reverser on the turntable if you plan on turning a loco all the way around.
I would not bother with adding another booster district if this is HO or smaller scale. It is highly unlikely you will actually need more than 5 amps to operate the layout. Just place the main controller/booster near the geographic center of the 'U' (lower right in the photo) with the AR unit right next to it and the DCC bus runs in either directions will be kept to minimum length.

Ian Cole


Awesome!  Thanks for the advice!!  The point of interference is appreciated; I don't plan on operating sessions, it's just me and my railroad, but that might be a future consideration if I ever do.  Glad to hear I will only need one reverser as I already own one, if I can find it after the move.  The turntable is the recent Walthers release, and if I remember correctly it has a reverser built in, but will double check the instructions.  Also glad to hear I don't need a booster.

Thanks again for the feedback!!