Looking for best DCC FOR UP big boy especially whistle

Pat M Duffin

Mark Gurries

Not sure what you mean best setup for UP big boy.

DCC systems only send commands to the locomotive’s decoder.

What determines the feature set of a locomotive is the DCC decoder installed in the locomotive.

Many locomotives come with built in DCC decoders if you get the DCC equipped version of the locomotive.

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Mark Gurries
Electrical Engineer
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LokSound Decoder played back on an ESU ECoS.
Here you go...

:)) Mark

Pat M Duffin

Thanks Mark very impressed with the video. Where is the best place to get the components ?

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LokSound Decoder played back on an ESU ECoS.
Here you go...

:)) Mark

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

I actually can't take direct credit for willfully purchasing my first ECoS with 100% understanding in what I was doing....Mine actually showed up on eBay, with a sellers address from Pennsylvania at an extremely good price.   With all the many locomotive symbols/controls already programmed to mine as it arrived...
I believe it was a Salesman's Sample; and at the price I paid.
I simply couldn't say No.
I hand't seen this review until after my purchase and not yet appreciated it's value at $895 MSRP.

For, I had already owned and installed several LokSound Decoders.
Yet, I noticed an immediate upgrade to all my LokSound Decoders when matched to their Native (ECoS) Control Unit.
Here is a feature I know you will like...Quillable Horns.
No matter if you go Steam or Diesel or a combination of both...
Just a warning....
There is an International Flavor amongst ECoS Owners.
Not necessarily just American.
and at times, I go running for my High School and University German to begin to understand some of it's features.
However, I must say...
If you don't mind speaking with Great Model Railroading People from say Australia, France or even Russia....and Canada too.
The International Community of Model Railroaders who have found each other via the ECoS, are very helpful and wonderful people...
Such as the Crazy Russian...in Ohio.

AFTER, I purchased my first ECoS, I purchased a second one in my Home Town via a local European Specialist Train Store.

He is not there all the time and the shop also specializes in Fender and Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Repair, but they run an ECoS in their store as well.
Meaning, ESU and LokSound is not simply something they push at the customer with the greatest profit margin but they actually believe in the/their product.
With that said....I am also aware of many other USA Dealers who use an ECoS and LokSound as their personal DCC systems and perform brilliant installations.
I happen to believe these people do great installations of ESU Decoders....but they are not the only people who do.
Here's the thing...
I can't rightfully say I recognize what i was doing as I did it when it comes to the ECoS and ESU Decoders.....as a Top Hobby LokSound Decoder Installation in a Kato SD-90 showed up on eBay in questionable working condition at $75. When it arrived I simply put it on my N Scale Test Layout with the ECoS in Command and off it went.... Fully recognized and able to perform as in the video above in all matter of functions. 
No, the previous owner ..Did not yet own an ECoS.
My second FEF-3 LokSound Decoder Installation although purchased second hand, I believe was a StremLineBackShop installation with a twist of the Big Boy Sound File. (My first FEF-3 with LokSound is a Kato Factory Install).
For me personally....?!?

>>> I am lucky to perform and complete a LokSound Installation in less than 12 hours.
Even on a Diesel...
...@ $30 Skilled Labor...
Well you do the Math.
Don't tell no body..but when I find a MRC Drop in Decoder as for a Kato SD-90 for say $30 I buy it...and then laugh as the horn makes a sound like a duck.

An MRC Sound decoder takes me all of 5 minutes to install versus 12 hours.
I found myself purchasing ESU LokSound Decoders already installed in N Scale Units, from far away places such as Russia such as this very Amtrak Model.
Hope this helps, as I am still learning DCC and don't know everything....
:))  Mark

Put a LokSound Decoder in one of these....?
I'm not going do it....I am still having thought issues and mindset challenges in just laying wide enough track to run it (30 inches or more)...
If I was to put a LokSound Decoder in it...
Well, this would mean, I had already installed a LokSound Decoder in everything else.

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

There is another whole/hole consideration with Big Boys and DCC with Sound.
I own this N Scale Brass Model of the Big Boy 
As well as few of the Plastic Versions in N Scale, along with Other Long Steam Locomotives in both HO and N Scale.
Read both of the above....
Very Carefully....in all of the Big Boy Reincarnations...and FEF-3's too and their tenders as well as the motivations of selecting different decoders.
Then consider this.
What are you guys doing !?!?
Attempting to back up an FEF-3 and it's multi angled tender over Questionable (curved) Track ?

Okay....Now besides the Mechanical/Physics....
Add in an Electronic function as well with DCC and Sound.

Good Luck !
I do not want to discourage you in a purchase of a Big Boy or even a full DCC System to begin to Make it So....
Once you do that...and can get it to run on a straight section of track ...and can back it up too.
We can begin again.
:)) Mark

If you find yourself riding alone in green fields ...Do not be troubled.

I am in an attempt to run perhaps only one long steam locomotive 
Alone....with a train behind it...through Green Fields.
Through and around the perimeter of my House...as well as across a Bridge over to a Layout Space of 30 x 25 feet.
No Trouble ?
= Long Straights
= Parabolic Wide Curves
= Few but when employed long turnouts.
over nothing steeper (as possible) with a Grade of 1.5%.
Why does this UP Modeler hate his Helix ?

Cut two holes in it, so you can. - Patton.
I am considering cutting two holes in my house to run a helix in new construction in my back yard.
Yes, I have a Helix and it works for 99% of my N Scale Fleet.