Clean Track

Daniel Thomson

In recent posts several methods have been mentioned for cleaning track. One we use on the MNSE layouts, both portable and permanent, were learned from a Virginia N-Track group at a national NMRA convention. Using just a few drops on a cloth or woven type furniture glide we find Ronsonol Lighter Fluid to be very effective without being detrimental to the ties or plastic frogs. It also did not leave any oil or lubricating effect on the rails. It IS lighter fluid and should be respected for that in use but is actually less flashy than many other cleaners. People have been carrying it in lighters in their pockets for decades.

I do a lot of model locomotive maintenance both professionally and personally and find contact points the key trouble spots of many different running and DCC control issues. Rail to wheel, wheel to pick-ups, pick-ups to chassis, chassis to boards, boards to motor brush caps, brushes to armatures are all prone to dirt getting in the way. Clean rail is required. For deep cleaning internally I often rely on a contact cleaner. Plastic compatibility is critical. One of the best I have found so far still requires care around paint finishes. That is by Techspray and is their ELine Contact Cleaner, labeled #1622-10S. Do use with proper ventilation.

Regards; Dan T., Pres.