DCC install in Rivarossi 484 locomotive

Chet Lowry

I see that my origanal post didnt show up so i will repost it. thanks again

Hello group
I have a question on DCC installation in a Rivarossi HO FEF 484. I
followed the instruction as layed out in Allens page to install a
decoder in a non dcc ready locomotive. Detatching the wires from the
motor checking to make sure it is isolated, and making the connection
per digitrax decoder manual for SDXH166d decoder. When finished nothing
works and moving the loco by hand it acts like it isnt getting power.
When i get it to start to make sound but still no motion i am unable to
change any of the cv settings or use any of the functions on the
controller. I tried a different decoder thinking it was defective but
the same thing is happening. In frustration I wire it back to DC and it
runs perfect as it did before the install. This isnt my first decoder
insatallation all other have work perfect, so I am at a loss why this
one wont work, DCC ready and dc converstions.
Thanks for any help and sugestions with my problem.

John White

I would have to say it may be the motor getting bad or needs attention.
I have converted three Rivarossi engines and they preform well. My
first attempt was my Dad's Y6-b a couple years ago and it still runs
good. This is only a basic decoder. Also there is an easy motor
isolation to it as well. I did a Youtube video on this and others that
you can check out to see the motor isolation. Basically it is the shinny
piece on the motor that makes contact with the frame for DC. I removed
it and no issues with shorts.
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Chet Lowry

Tks for the video there is one thing i will check out on the motor is the tab you were talking about. Very helpful video tks.