Custom length RJ cables ++


I previously made the assumption the reference to RJ cables mean network patch cables. AKA RJ45. I am unfamiliar with the NCE wired setup.


The RJ12 – 6P6C system is used in telephone networking known commonly as the Key System. This may help in locating suitable cables.


On a slightly different thought, assuming you are doing a custom installation, you might be able to skip the plug portion of the cable and go with a Keystone Jack.

It requires stabbing the wire into a vise like jaw, preferably with a specialized tool, but I have successfully used a 1/8” flat screw driver.


Depending on cost you may want to look into using another component of the Keystone system, the coupler.


Either of the two fit into the Keystone wall plates which have up to six ports.

These are available most anywhere.


The total Keystone system is represented at:


I the references are from a previous vendor/manufacturer that I worked with for 12 years. Use the information as a reference. I have seen their products in many stores including the home centers.


It is possible to purchase just the mounting plate and attach it to the fascia board. You can also purchase a surface mount box which is similar to the retro fit modular telephone connections.











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Does anyone know of a supplier that makes custom length RJ cables for connecting UTP panels on a NCE system?  Thanks.