Resistance Soldering

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>

I'm glad to hear that people are watching the resistance soldering
video and getting something out of it.

You're right, the solder doesn't stick to the hemostat. I think the
hemostate is chrome plated. After about 7 years of use, some of the
chrome has come off my hemostats. Occassionally, it now sticks. But
until you mentioned it, I hadn't really thought about it. The solder
never flows around the hemostat. It does sometimes flow under the jaw
and does solder your wire and track together on the other side. But
not as much as you might think. The reason is that the hemostat sucks
a lot of heat away from the rail. So yes, things work out just like
in the video.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Remember, hemostats make great stocking stuffers. Resistance
soldering stations make great Christmas presents. My wife says I
don't need any more locomotives. If I don't need any more trains,
what am I living for??? :-)

jmscnw <jmscnw@...>

I will be purchasing a Resistance Soldering station soon but have
a question regarding demonstration video on WiringForDCC site:

It appears you are clamping down other end of wire with a hemostat
or other type of clamp. Won't the solder flow around the clamp and
fuse itself to the rail ? This doesn't occur in the video clip
so I am wondering how you accomplished this.