Prodigy & CV's

aaartlib <aaartlib@...>

I've been running on Prodigy and CV's are a complete mystery to me. Is
there an instructional booklet available? I now have a sound (QSI)
equipped loco and would sure appreciate any advice as to getting the
most out of it. Do I need a new DCC system?

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>

CVs are not complicated. Here is an explanation of them:

Many of the sound equiped locomotives come with a basic instruction
sheet that covers the more common CVs for that locomotive. In the
instruction sheet is usually a web address where you can download the
complete manual. The complete manual usually describes every CV and
what the various values control.

Many basic DCC systems are not capable of accessing all the CVs in a
locomotive. Refer to your manual to see what CVs can be changed.