Peco code 75 power routing

Nobby Clarke <nobbyclarke2@...>


new to the group and DCC I am in the middle of building a new layout
with Peco code 75 my problem is I am not using any point motors on any
of my switiches I can not work out how to power route the frog as
everything I read is all about motors which I am not using! how do I
power route under the layout.


wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>


The easiest thing to do is outlined in the Wiring For DCC website at:

This section of the website is for power routing frogs when you don't
have any kind of switch machine under the layout.

It actually operates off the throwbar. So if you are using Peco
turnouts and are flipping them with your fingertip, this approach
should still work. The only problem you might run into is if the
spring in the micro switch is stronger than the Peco spring. If using
ground throws, this approach works fine.