Re: Buss Wiring

Chris Richter

Mark Gurries has a great write-up.  I followed it to the letter and the results were excellent. I have cut & pasted a couple links to have a look at.  Place the end not in your drill in a strong vise - it works very well. I have merged 3 long lines of 12 GA red & black cable this way to twist them and have had no issues in making the "twisted pair" nor when installing (I pried apart the twist with a thin flat headed screwdriver to tap into the main bus to attach the sub bus using 3M Suitcase connectors). So far no problems with connectivity, etc.

Use a variable speed Drill on one end and a vice or a hook in a stud of some exposed wall on the other end.  Go slow, keep the cable stretched tight and over twist by 3x more than you need.  Why?   When you let go, it will unwind about that amount like a coiled spring.

Why called an RC filter as opposed to a snubber or terminator.

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