Re: Buss Wiring

David Klemm


Whether on my home layout, 12'x24', my club layout of 5000 square feet, or my Free-mo modules which are 2'x5', they all have the wires next to each other being pulled through the same holes.  

You are right, you will get see a lot of opinions from keep them apart, twist them, terminate them to it doesn't matter.   Since it works with all the above situations, not sure it really matters.  Don't waste your time worrying about it.  Wiring is a necessary evil to get to the fun part of driving a train.  No need to over think this piece or other pieces.  


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I have just strung a 14 gauge DCC buss under the layout. The two wires are separated by about 6 inches at the closest. Do I need to re string the wires with a twist periodically? How close together should the twists be? What if I ran the wires close together, as in zip cord or speaker wire? I've read various things and am a little confused.


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