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I agree about Shinohara turnouts. I had always problems on my DC layout and had to bin half of them...even trying to wire them up. It was nice you could park a locomotive on the track the points weren't directed to... but extremely problematic. My friends with bigger layouts never used them. 

Save up for my new ones.. perhaps work on another area of the layout. Or like i've done for a work around.. i've abandoned a spur until I can afford more turnouts and avoid the headaches/heartaches and overall aggravation. After all the modeling of abandoned spurs is very accurate where I live in and around Toronto and provide a really nice modeling touch.

Other problematic turnouts I have are the Atlas that come in a bit cheaper... however the points are really loose and do not want to use those oversized unprotypical caboose Industries ground throws. People have these picturesque/near accurate layouts and they use those awful ground throws..

Good luck!

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Just a note on Shinohara....

I struggled with Shinohara from around 1976 to 1982 in N Scale.....And then nearly gave up the hobby all together. It wasn't even in Gauge...I had to go over near every mm of my small layout, with an NMRA Thingy in my hand.....
I put it all aside for the next 30 years, till I owned a paid off basement with a house on top. 
And though I still have a bunch of it in a Time Capsule Drawer.....> It stays in there.
Here's the thing...
If you have to struggle too much = You are doing it wrong or perhaps should not have started in the first place....Like an Ex-Girl-friend who has been married 7 time; since I last lived with her. Wonderful Woman...However.....I predicted that, for I didn't marry her. (I used to call her Scarlett for a Reason.)
but I digress...
I started out with an N Scale Layout in 1969, in Atlas track of the day and then went to Shinohara around 1975. As a University Student on a serious budget, I remember walking home and eating lunch/dinner in my apartment for nearly a month ! To save just $25 for a Shinohara Double Crossover for my Coffee Table Layout. 
>>>> Even the plan from a book in 1971, I would not approve as an operational plan....Too many damn switches on too many tight curves.... an officially old man of 64 years old...
Been there done that.
Here's the thing...
I recommend not struggling; that is without at least calming down and re-evaluating your whole situation from time to time.
and if you are considering using Shinohara?
Think again.
:)) Mark

When I was six years old, I was given Korean War Vintage Steel Track on clip on cardboard ties.
Near Terrible thing to do to a poor young model railroader on a bottle budget...But I did get it to work..and it motivated me to ?
Make More Money.

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