Re: Older Shinohara Turnouts

Brad Ketchen <bketchen@...>

Tam Valley Frog juicers are expensive. Might as well buy new turnouts. Micro Engineering are the best for handthrowing as I do myself.. I've always had issues with Shinohara's (as I call them 'Shitohara's). 


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Yes. As with all power routing types... Isolate the diverging frog exit rails at the end of the turnout by using insulated rail joiners, and add a Frog Juicer to supplement the power connection at the corrected polarity from the points.


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I have 13 remaining "non DCC friendly" Shinohara turnouts on my layout that have served well in DC. Now planning to convert to DCC, and reading the "Wiring for DCC" page, I have a dilemma. I don't desire to use tortoises or mechanically linked switches to power route the isolated points, frog, and closure rails. I want to keep the brakeman's job secure (I like to hand throw turnouts) and it would be too expensive to replace all of the turnouts. It appears that the only good choice would be to purchase a couple Tam Valley Hex DCC Frog Juicers as this would also solve the "points as contacts" issue.. Am I on the right track? Thanks!

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