Re: Automated 'Block' Entry


Does anyone actually know wether you can or cannot automate trains on a layout without using the old technique to doing it for lionel trains which was to sense a train,usually by its weight, and throw relays which shout off the ac power to a block.

Can jmri do it via detection , such as bdl168 boards, and keeping tract of what engine is in what block so it can automatically send signals to decoders to control the following train from entering an occupied block.  Has anyone actually done it?  Is it doable?


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This Yahoo account(s) can be SO FRUSTRATING. Many a time it has asked me to log in (even while I thought I had it set up automatically)

So I go to log in and it gives me two choices, 1) add an account, or 2) log out of the account. Well how can I log out of the account if its not recognizing I am logged in?
The I choose the "add Account", and it ask for my email. It displays that email and I choose it. Then it tells me it does not recognize that email?
....round and round this freaking Yahoo site

PS: While I am venting can someone tell me WHY all crap at the bottom of all messages has to get REPEATED over and over again??

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