Re: Automated 'Block' Entry



Killing power does not work as instantaneously as you might otherwise expect in case of keep-alive batteries! If there is, there's also momentum to consider.

What DCC lacks here, is the option for a computer to steal control from a user instantly and unconditionally. But that would open up a whole new can of worms...

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You need to be logged into the Yahoo! groups site to get to the optional headings at the top, not just reading e-mail type postings. Then select "Files" to get to the files list. In the MS tradition, individual files are far down that list below folders. I'll send the file to you via your e-mail address. 

Yes, opposing protection is similar but must rely on having the power-off 'shadow' leading the train with at least the next block unoccupied and powered so that your train can move ahead into that block when there is no opposition. Hadn't thought too much about it. It might be easier to somehow mimic the tumble-down action of bi-directional signaling to kill power for any train at an opposing entrance to single track blocks when that section becomes occupied by a train entering from the other end. it may be easier to simply kill power to the whole section of single way track to prevent a corn field meet. I can also see that running a train backwards with the engine at the rear may be far more difficult to handle.


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