Re: Small DCC Layout, First Time Wiring for DCC

Charles Brumbelow

Not to be picky, but I believe the yes/no on posting attachments is decided by the group owner rather than Yahoo. 


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Aaron, Yahoo groups does not allow attachments. Post your layout sketch in the files section.

It sounds like you already have a good handle on the requirements and potential troubles. A SPDT switch to isolate mainline track while programming is a good idea as long as you don't forget to use it. The NCE AutoSwitch automatically does that function.

Provide insulated rail joiners at each rail leading up to every turnout frog and you cannot go wrong. The frog section power at the correct rail polarity will be picked up by the contact position of the switch points... No butchering required. If possible you should supplement that electrical connection by using a SPDT contacts available in your switch motor. An alternate is to use a 'Frog Juicer' to power the frog and frog exit rails. Either way... Running into a turnout with the points in the wrong position will always cause problems. 

Provide a rail power dropper pair to every other section of track so that there is always no more than 1 rail joiner in either direction to the nearest electrical connection. It doesn't hurt to supply power to each section of unsoldered track. You may want to think about and plan ahead to break out your DCC distribution wiring for future addition of signaling detection or power districts. The PowerCab is a good starting point but you may eventually want to progress to using another command station with other features (like wireless) or a more powerful booster.  


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