Re: Wiring Help for the MDRail Pope's Creek Branch in HO Scale

Paul O

Damon, a good place to start reading is here:

However don’t get overwhelmed with detail to start with.

Good suggestions by the other responders.


The basic idea of DCC wiring is a two wire bus (two different colors of insulation) running under the track arrangement so that track feeders can be attached to the bus. The bus should be a heavier gauge, like 14, while the feeders can be 20 to 22 gauge hook-up wire.

A lot of different opinions as to one feeder per track section, or, solder the joiners and spread out the feeders. Just don’t rely on feeders for electrical connection.

Also, choice of solder feeders to bus, or, use connectors.


If you’re a lone user, blocks are not essential for DCC, but may make trouble shooting easier.


Keep asking questions. J            Paul O

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