Re: Wiring Help for the MDRail Pope's Creek Branch in HO Scale

Paul O

Damon, are you planning to have circuit breakers feeding each block?


The ‘Brandywine Jct.’ block is a reverse loop; you’ll need an auto-reverser type of circuit breaker.


Also, wire the turnout feeding Brandywine Jct. to the ‘Staging’ block.

Then, double-insulate both the normal and diverging legs of that turnout.

You’ll also need to double-insulate the track where ‘Drink’s Run’ joins ‘Brandywine Jct.’.


I don’t understand your use of the terminal blocks for the DCC wiring.


Paul O


Sent: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 10:53 AM

I have been quietly observing the group and the conversations that have transpired over the past several months. I am optomistic that, collectively, you all may be able to help me to determine how to approach wiring my layout (which is currently under construction) for DCC. I thank you in advance for any feedback.

I have created a folder called " MDRail Pope's Creek Branch" in the group's file section and have uploaded several drawings for you to review. Although I have been modeling since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, DCC might as well be a foreign language to me; so please, forgive my ignorance in advance. If you all would take a look at my drawings and let me know what approach I should take in getting this thing wired up, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you again!!

Damon C.

Maryland Southern Transportation System (MDRAIL)

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