Re: Reversing loop with multiple trains in the loop

Steve Haas

Don Vollrath wrote:

Ed, Post a photo or file with a sketch of your track plan so we can learn more about the short train issue. there has got to be a better plan.
Ed, please follow up with Don's request and provide us with a track plan for our review.

One of the biggest myths in model railroading is the track that physically reverses the train _must_ also be the section of track that is electrically reversed. Nothing could be further from the truth! has several examples where the track that creates the need for a reversing section is _NOT_ the section of track that is wired for reversing. One example is a wye added to a mainline loop. The wye in these example typically feeds a yard ( this configuration is often used by module groups - a yard in the middle of the looped of modules, connected to the loops via a wye). If either leg of the wye is used as the reversing section, and the train length limited to the length of one leg of the wye, you run into the problem of train length limited by the size of the leg of the wye problem. Move the electrically reversed section to a one train length section of thmain loop, , one train length long, including the turnout at that segment of the wye, and the train length issue is solved!

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