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There's no fixed limit.  What one is doing with a PM42 is subdividing the layout (ignoring for a moment the reversing feature) to distribute the available current from the booster or command station.  You could, in theory, put 8 PM42 sections on a single 5 A booster - the question becomes, why do you need so many subsections to distribute only 5A of current?  In my previous layout, I had four different sections of mainline which were all fed from one booster.  The advantage of a PM42 there is that when one section shorts, the other three stayed alive.  Any two of those sections could be simultaneously drawing 2.5A, as long as the other two drew zero; at a different time, the distribution might be 1.0 A on each of four sections, as an example.  It would depend on train distribution.

In the case of my previous layout, I had 2 PM42 on a DCS100 command station, and 2 on a second DCS100, configured as a booster.  However, I was using multiple PM42 sections in each case as reversing circuits, so current distribution wasn't the only thing the PM42s were being used for.  Jerry's case may be similar.

It is also possible, I am told, to use one PM42 unit fed from two boosters, provided one is careful about the wiring to ensure booster outputs don't get connected together, but I've never done it.  The diagram for that can be seen on page 7 of the version of the PM42 manual I have.

Blair Smith

On 17/06/18 11:38, pacentestern@... [WiringForDCC] wrote:
Hi Jerry Michels, Just wondering how many PM42s that can be connected to one booster? Your comment seems to indicate your RR has 1 command station and 6 boosters with 15 PM42s. I have looked for info about multiple PM42s connected to 1 command station or booster and have missed finding a solution. How is that working out for you and where did you find the info about this?
Regards, Chuck Hart

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