Re: Booster Advice


Blair, There are no hard and fast, right or wrong rules. Twisted pair wiring helps. But there is nothing wrong either about placing extra snubber filters along the DCC distribution bus every 20-30 ft or so. Yes, one purpose is to 'terminate' the DCC bus at near the characteristic impedance of the DCC transmission line (100-150 ohms) to minimize transmission line reflection effects of the abrupt voltage transitions of the DCC voltage wavefom. But a secondary purpose is to snub or absorb transient energy peaks caused by inductance of the DCC lines and intermittent connections to locomotive loads or sparking short circuits. Placing several filters along longer distribution lines can help prevent unwanted effects. Locos that don't seem to respond at certain parts of the layout and scrambled CV values are some of the first symptoms of problems due to those effects. Blown decoders are rare, but do happen when poor wiring practice is coupled with long lines, powerful boosters and sparking short circuits.


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