Re: Booster Advice



Um, I are an electronic tech. My employer thought I was good enough to
retain for 30+ years, including not taking away my tools towards the
end, but that may have no relevance.

Yep. I can do all the controlled experimenting I want, but it's
real-world experience that I'm looking for. What your really saying is,
no one will go out on a limb and say "do this, and it will work",
because the biggest remaining variable is the readers attention to
detail and physics. I appreciate what you've said at the end, I don't
think I'll have any problems with this then. It's up to me. See attached.

Bear in mind, the layout is mixed 2 and 3 level (B-B3 and C1-C), and
that the upper level of both the A and B peninsulas have interchange
yards between the mainline of my focus railroad(ACR) and the staging
yard level(CNR/CPR) that feeds the to-be-interchanged railroad on and
off layout. You'll probably have questions if you dig into it, if so
fire away.

<Attachment likely stripped from list>.


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