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Hi folks

I'm starting to contemplate my layout power requirements, and I need a sanity check (quiet out there).

I've between 6 and 800 feet of main line, one 4-60 foot branchline, and 7 yards ranging from two 16 track monsters, one junction monster, two end of line moderate yards, and two interchanges each boasting a half dozen tracks. I've laid out the booster positions so that no track point is more than 40' from a booster/PM42 location. In a couple of cases, one booster/PM42 feeds three levels of track, which encompass four differ mainline sections; in other cases, a Yard on one level takes two PM42 sections, while trackage above and below use the other two. PM42s will not be used for reversing, just power management.

All that being said, I find that I only have one location where I can justify an 8A booster; the rest will happily be managed by 5A boosters. In one case, I can actually envisage using a Zephyr as the booster for a PM42, as most of that trackage will see at most two trains, and generally not at the same time.

So I guess I'm asking, have others encountered this? In my case, my max-bus-length rules force me into far more booster/PM42 combos than I might otherwise purchase, given my expected track loading.

Blair Smith

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