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With most decoders the settings of accel and decel in CVs 3 & 4 will moderate the transition from fwd to rev in the 28 speed step mode. However, the transition can be rather jerky if CVs 3 & 4 are set to zero. Not very prototypical operation and as you point out, possibly detrimental to the life of the decoder, motor and gears. There were a few early decoder models that treated the 128 speed step mode differently than the 28 step mode in this regard. Those did cause an abrupt change in direction and a big step in motor current if you pressed the direction button on the fly.


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I was watching someone engaged in low speed shunting recently. He was using a NCE PowerPro and instead of bringing the loco to a halt and reversing the direction of travel, he was just pressing the Direction button.

Now my thoughts are that this is bad practice, calculated to encourage back lash on the gear train, to say nothing of the forces exerted on the commutator and thrust washers. But does it go further?  Does this reverse of current cause damage to the decoder? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts upon this practice.

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